Serial to Ethernet Connector

Serial to Ethernet Connector for Windows

Share serial port data over TCP/IP network

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Share up to 255 serial port devices over TCP/IP network!

Serial to Ethernet Connector is an advanced serial over IP solution for sharing of serial ports. It allows you to share up to 255 serial devices over network, thus turning your computer into a low-cost terminal server.

With Serial to Ethernet Connector you can share up to 255 serial devices over network turning your computer into a terminal server. With this serial over network solution any device connected to a COM port can be accessed and used from any spot on the globe as if it were physically connected to the local machine. The data sent by serial port device is transmitted over a TCP/IP network. This is achieved thanks to our virtual serial port technology that emulates standard COM ports behavior and Windows OS treats the virtual ports as the real ones. Although the ports are treated as physical you are not limited to the quantity of physical COM ports and can create COM port connections without occupying real serial ports.

With Serial to Ethernet Connector you can: share serial port for incoming connections, connect the port to remote host, or share port using UDP connection. Starting from version 7.0 Serial to Ethernet Connector got absolutely new user interface for even easier creation and management of connections with latter conveniently visualised and more.

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Serial to Ethernet Connector


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    Good tool - helps in everyday work. Serial to Ethernet connector helps us to share the one serial device over the office.

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    It Works!. Really works! I need to share the remote server over internet. SEC helped me in advance. Pros: sharing over any network. ConMore